Bad attitudes can ruin your dating life

There are a lot of reasons why relationship don’t work at all. First thing is because of bad attitudes of your partner. They say find an ugly person with a good heart than a pretty one but a rotten personality. There is nothing more fulfilling in life than having someone that can be your best friend and a lover too. it feels so good to have a partner that is more than just a lover, someone that you can trust. Lots of people have been slave to love and continues be in it as long as they are in the person they want. it’s not love at all, its being selfish. You know that you are not well having that person in your life but still you keep inserting yourself to him. I guess it’s time or educate people that attitude matters the most. at the end of the day what is important is to have someone that will take good care of you and love you for who you are. It’s so rare to find someone that is like that but we have to open our eyes to see the tight one. I’ve been so blind for many years before finding my West Midland escort. I feel like my life has no sense now because she is gone in my life. for me West Midland escort of is a total package for me. I didn’t expect to have someone that is both beautiful inside and out. Maybe I consider myself now as a lucky one after what I have been through in the past. Before this west Midland escort, I have a huge admiration during my college days to a woman that is so pretty. She is so famous in the class and everyone admire her. Her name is Janice; I can’t stop but fall in love with her every single day. I know that time she won’t recognize me because I am poor and has nothing reached at all. I’ve done my best to get a good job and become a businessman and still keep my eye to her. I heard that she has been in a couple of relationships but end up immediately. when I reached my dreams in life and ready to present myself to Janice, she does become my girl so easily. I have everything she asked. I become her slave, and slowly I lost myself respect. Each time we fought I always bow down to her even if it is too much. I feel like I look like a puppy and just keep following her. Her attitudes become worsts as time passes by and I cannot take it anymore that is why I broke up to her and find a good lover. I realized that it’s not the pretty face that is important it’s finding the real love and good attitude. but for me I am a lucky man for having someone like west Midland escort that makes me happy all the time. she is my girlfriend for five years now and it’s going great with her

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