Do London Escorts Have Kids?

I bet there are a lot of questions ordinary girls would like to ask London escorts. When I first joined London escorts, I have to admit that I did not really know what it was going to be like to work for a London escorts. For instance, I felt pretty sure that I would never end up having a family. But, that all changed when I started to work for an elite London escorts agency. I fell in love with the guy running it, and now we are married with a family.

Do my kids know that I am an escort? I think that they appreciate my job is a little bit different, but I have never told them that I work for a London escorts agency. As working for London escorts pays pretty well, you can say that the kids of London escorts are pretty spoiled. Although my husband has a good income as well, I have to admit that I do spend rather a lot of my money on my kids. I simply love to just spoil them.

Sometimes I do think that I spoil my kids a little bit too much. I have spoken to my husband about it, but he has said that I probably don’t do anything different from any other London escort. He is okay about me spending my London escorts earnings on myself or the kids. As we have two girls, I like them to look super cute all of the time. He does not mind that at all. As a matter of fact, I think my husband likes it when the kids look really cute.

Is my life that different from other girls and working mums? I don’t think that my life is very different. But, I do know that I am a very lucky working mom. Thanks to my job with London escorts, there are a lot of things that I don’t have to worry about. For instance, I never do any of the housework. When I stop and think about it, I guess you can call me a bit of a lady of leisure really. But, without all of the back up that I get, I don’t think that I could manage my London escorts career.

What is my life like at the weekends? Since I became an elite London escorts, I have never worked weekends. I don’t think that the majority of charlotte London escorts who are moms really do have the time to work weekends. You really do need to have some time for yourself and your family. I think of myself as a mom first and being an escort only comes second. Like I say to my husband, there is no way that you can have it all. But, I don’t think that I have done badly for myself. Above all, I have to say that I really enjoy my life and would not change it for anything.

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